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In Canada, the ‘Legalization’ of documents is the equivalent of ‘Apostille’ Certificate. This process ensures that your Canadian documents are recognized overseas by foreign governments and authorities. Legalization is a three step process involving a Notary Public, the Global Affairs Canada in Ottawa (or a provincial office such as Official Documents Services in Toronto, Ontario), and relevant Embassy or Consulate of the country in which document is to be used. Our professional Legalization services include all three steps and we ensure that you get your documents authenticated and legalized in the shortest possible time, and for best price. You don’t need to visit our office to get your documents legalized, instead we can arrange a pick-up or you can send your documents to us through courier or registered mail. Our services are fast, cost effective and reliable.

During COVID-19 pandemic we discontinued this service, and plan to start it again during first quarter of 2023. Please call us on 416-731-9023 to know the latest status.

Below is a summary of three steps involved in Legalization or Apostille of documents in Canada:

Step 1:


The first step involves a Notary Public who will certify that a document was properly executed or certified on notary’s presence. The Notary Public will also be responsible to verify the identification of the person signing the document. In case of certified copy of an original document, the Notary Public will examine the original document and certify a copy as ‘true copy of the original’. Our in-house Notary Public will complete this process.

This step is usually completed the same day we receive your documents.

Contact us on 416-731-9023 to set up an appointment with our Notary Public.

You can also send us a text message or WhatsApp message on 289-981-1236.


Step 2:


In the second step, we take your documents to the Official Documents Services office in Toronto, or send them to Global Affairs Canada in Ottawa. They verify the seal of the Notary Public involved in Step 1, after which a stamp will be placed over the document or a certificate will be issued authenticating that the notarization done during Step 1 is genuine and that the Notary Public concerned in duly registered as per the law.

This step can be completed within three to four days if the documents are required to be authenticated at Official Documents Services in Toronto, or few days in case documents have to be sent to Global Affairs Canada in Ottawa.


Step 3:


Third, we take your documents to the relevant embassy or consulate of the country in which the document is to be used. The embassy or consulate verifies the authenticity of stamp or certificate issued at Step 2, and then put their own stamp or other endorsement on the document.

This step takes few days to complete. Each embassy or consulate has it’s own procedures and response times. During this process we will require you complete a form asking for necessary information required to legalize the document.

At the end of this step either you can collect your documents in person from our office, or we can arrange delivery of documents at your doorstep (only in the GTA and surrounding areas). Alternatively, we can send the documents to you through courier or registered post for extra fee.

Documents We Authenticate:

Certified True Copy
Birth Certificate
Health Card
Driver License
PR Card
Citizenship Certificate
Marriage Certificate
Divorce Certificate
Marriage Abroad Certificate
Educational Diplomas and Transcripts
Power of Attorney
Statutory Declaration
Professional Licenses
Corporate Documents and Deeds

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