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When you are unable to attend our office, we can come to you. In certain situations, you may be unable to find a Apostille or Notary service near you. No worries! we are happy to assist. We can serve you at your doorstep. Our Apostille service turnaround time in Ontario is 2-3 business days.

Call us 7 days a week on (416)731-9023 to discuss your Apostille needs. You can also get in touch with us on WhatsApp number +1 (289) 981-1236.
We also offer mobile Apostille service at your location.

Some of the locations we usually attend include the following:

  • Client’s home
  • Hospitals
  • Courts
  • Airports (including Pearson International Airport)
  • Universities/Schools
  • Boardrooms
  • Business corporations
  • Hotels
  • Retirement homes
  • Banks & Credit Unions
  • Financial institutions
  • Theaters
  • Film & recording studios

Mobile Apostille or Notary fee rates are variable and take into account travel distance, nature of document(s), time, and other logistical considerations. We would be happy to talk to you and discuss fee rates. Special discount is available for sick and senior citizens.

Please contact us on (416)731-9023 to set up an appointment for a mobile Apostille or Notary service.


Mobile Apostille or Notary Service for Businesses:

Are you a business routinely faced with the task of getting your clients’ documents Apostilled or Notarized in the shortest possible time? We are the right choice for you. We are proud to offer our Apostille or Notary services at your office premises. The service is fast, reliable, and cost-effective.

We offer your business a simple, time-saving way to complete a legally valid notarization through our lawyer and notary public in Ontario. You get the documentation you need, done quickly, and done right. Our trained notary public will work closely with your team to develop a smooth workflow according to your business needs. We can even work after hours and on weekends. Our focus is on helping your business succeed.

We also offer a flexible volume discount for businesses, and you can pay on a monthly basis against an invoice.

Please get in touch with us through any of the following methods:

Phone: (416) 731-9023
Text: (416) 731-9023
WhatsApp: (289) 981-1236
Email: [email protected]

Who issues the Apostille Certificate?
In Ontario, the Apostille Certificate is issued by the Ministry of Public and Business Service Delivery, through the Official Documents Services (ODS).

The Process
Our Apostille service is designed to be fast, reliable, and cost-effective, ensuring your documents are prepared and certified without delay. Here’s how it works:

Step 1: Document Preparation for Apostille:
The first step involves preparing your document for the Apostille process. This preparation could include notarization, depending on the requirements of the document. Our staff will guide you through the necessary steps to ensure your documents meet the criteria for Apostille certification. We have in-house notary public who can promptly notarize your documents. We also offer Mobile Service service to facilitate our clients who are unable to come to our office.

Step 2: Obtaining the Apostille Certificate:
Once your document is prepared, we proceed with obtaining the Apostille certificate. In Ontario, Apostilles are issued by the Official Documents Services. Our office handles the entire process, liaising with the relevant authorities to secure the Apostille certificate for your document. We obtain most of the Apostille certificates within 2-3 business days. Next-day and Same-day service is also available for additional fee.

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