Certified true copies

Certified true copies

We provide ‘Certified True Copy’ service where you have an original document and you want us to notarize and certify a copy of the original. The original document need not be in English and can be in any language. We certify all kinds of documents for domestic or international use. You will have to bring the original document in our office for us to examine it and compare the photocopy. We have photocopier (black & white) available in our office and can make photocopies at no extra cost. Color photocopier is also available, however extra fee will be charge for color photocopies.

Please note each document has to be separately copied and notarized. For example, a passport and driver license cannot be copied on the same page and notarized. They have to be copied on two separate pages and notarized separately.

The document to be notarized doesn’t need to belong to you, and you can bring another person’s original documents for notarization.

Electronic Document Certification

Where the original document can be found only on a website or online account of an individual, or in an email, we can notarize the document after reviewing it on our office computer and taking a printout of the document on our office printer. Our notary public will certify the printout is a true copy of the electronic document.

You will be required to bring the website address or other online login credentials so you can open the web link in our office for us to view and take printout. The Notary must be able to watch the downloading of each document.

The original documents on the website can be in any language.
There is no extra fee for Electronic Document Certification and we will charge you our standard notarization fees.

We also offer mobile notary service, in case you are unable to visit our office. Presently this services is only available in the GTA area with prior appointment. For further details please go to Mobile Notary page of this website.

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