Used vehicle transfer forms

Vehicle ownership transfer to a family member in Ontario

In Ontario you may be allowed to transfer ownership of your vehicle to a family member without paying the retail sales tax. In this regard, eligible relationship include spouse, parent or step-parent, grandparent or step-grandparent, son or step-son, daughter or step-daughter, grandson or step-grandson, granddaughter or step-granddaughter, son-in-law, daughter-in-law, father-in-law, mother-in-law, sibling, half siblings (siblings with a common parent), adopted siblings (siblings with a common parent through adoption).

Among other documents, you will also need to swear and sign a Sworn Statement for a Family Gift of a Used Motor Vehicle in the Province of Ontario form. This form is available on the website of Ontario government. Once complete, you can bring this form to our office for signing and notarization.

For identification purposes, the Notary will require you to present a Government issued photo identification document such as a driver licence, passport, PR card, citizenship certificate or other similar document. The document must bear your full name and photograph.


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