Employment ID verification forms

ID Verification Forms

At our notary public office, we provide notarization and certification services for various types of documents, including Employer Identity Verification forms and letters. These documents can be notarized for use within Ontario, outside Ontario, or even internationally for diverse purposes. We have notarized thousands of documents that our clients have utilized outside of Ontario and Canada. Documents can be in any language, including foreign languages. In most instances, the notary’s role is to accurately identify you and witness your signature on the document. To verify your identity, the notary will require a government-issued photo identification document such as a driver’s license, passport, PR card, citizenship certificate, or other similar document that includes your full name and photograph.

The individual must physically appear and sign the document in the presence of the notary to have their signature notarized. If your document necessitates an additional witness, please bring someone along with you. If you are unable to provide an independent witness, we can arrange for someone from our office to serve as a witness for an additional fee.

We also offer a mobile notary service for clients who are unable to visit our office. Currently, this service is available only in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) subject to availability of our staff, and requires a prior appointment.

For further details please go to Mobile Notary page of this website.

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