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OSAP Affidavits

Our professional drafting service includes OSAP Affidavits. OSAP Affidavits can include sworn statements to state your income (or lack of income) during a particular year, or your single status or common law status. It can also include the statement about your income support from parents. We can draft this Affidavit for you in the format accepted by OSAP or any other office requiring an Affidavit.

You can send us details through email to let us prepare the draft. Once initial draft is prepared we send the draft to you for review and corrections. Once final draft is ready, you can come to our for signature and notarization. The whole process can be completed same day, in most cases within a couple of hours. In this case our fee will include document drafting fee and notarization cost.

Alternatively, you can prepare the draft affidavit yourself and bring final printed copy to our office for signature and notarization. In this case our standard notarization fee $25 will be applicable.

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